Reviews from Apple podcasts

Linda is fearless and real

"Linda takes a fearless approach to addressing ALL the issues felt around bodies - negative and positive. With awesome guests, (both experts and friends) her conversations feel like sitting in a room with a friend who will positively impact how you think about yourself, your relationships, and the world around you as it pertains to yours and others body politics."

 - poppossara, 05/06/2019 

Informative & Inspiring

"Linda consistently hosts thought provoking and relatable conversations in every episode. I laugh with every entertaining dating story and feel genuine connections between her and her guests. I enjoy her views of feminism and social justice and look forward to every new episode. Keep up the amazing work for self love, Linda!!"

-  keh0322, 04/21/2019  

Great Conversations!

"Linda does a great job making the important topics on her podcast accessible to all, whether you think about them every day or never have. Every episode makes me laugh, learn, and fall in a little bit of love with the guests and the host!"

- AKnoebel, 04/01/2019 

So excited about this!

 "Love this! Important topic, personable host, and mostly just fun to listen to! Feels like I am chatting with friends. Excited to see more from this podcast!"

- _sssrah, 02/13/2019 

What a legend

 "Linda is a body positive icon who inspires all the women around her to dive deeper into self reflection and love, to question the feelings we have towards our bodies and the men we allow access to. And she does it all without getting too heavy. 5/5 recommend to a friend"

- creepoutloud, 02/13/2019 

Relevant, Revolutionary, and Real!

"I love this podcast! Linda really tackles complicated and relevant issues a lot of women with bigger bodies experiences and she does it with a raw and authentic point of view. Listening to this podcast has really opened my eyes to my own struggles with body positivity and she explores topics people don’t usually want to discuss. Please listen in and learn from a master!"

- daniidarko, 04/21/2019