episode descriptions

Season 1

 1. Fitness & Self Dating with Yelana 

Linda sits down with Yelana Loiselle, a young social worker and fitness instructor in the Boston area, to talk about how she learned to love herself. They also talk about app dating, ghosting, and self-dating.  

 2. Relationships & Breakups with Ani 

Linda sits down with Ani F., to talk about the process of loving yourself, and reflect on moments that have shaped the way they think about bodies. Ani also shares her experiences within relationships and how she grew from a breakup.  

 3. Eating Disorders & The Word "Fat" with Abby 

Linda sits down to chat with Abby Pieger, a graduate student in an applied psychology program called "college student development & counseling." They talk about eating disorders, bias in the health profession, and the culture of complimenting weight loss. They also chat about dating in real life vs app dating. 

 4. Powerlifting & Queer App Dating with Teresa  

Linda meets Teresa Powers, a recent grad of Emerson College, and communication specialist in the Boston area. They chat about weight lifting, being naked around others, and how BMIs are not a measurement of health. Teresa also shares her experiences as a queer woman on dating apps. 

 5. Dancers & Scales with Kayla  

Linda chats with Kayla Patel, who has her master's in GIS and works at City of Boston. Linda and Kayla both grew up as dancers, and chat about how they felt about their bodies through those experiences. They also talk about scales, weighing yourself, and going makeup-free.  

 6. Self-Discovery & Interracial Relationships with Luis 

Linda chats with Luis Frias II, a higher education professional in Boston. Luis shares his experiences of growing up as an Afro-Latino in a predominantly white neighborhood, and how he balanced the intersectionality of his racial identity. Linda & Luis chat about body-altering surgeries, and flying while fat. Luis also talks about representation in the media, and interracial dating. 

 7. Instagram Influencers & Grindr Tribes with Billy  

Linda chats with Billy Cowles, a gay theatre artist and yoga teacher in the L.A. area. Linda & Billy talk about social media influencers, and the power social media has on the ways we think about our bodies and ourselves. Billy shares his experiences in the yoga community and also talks about what dating as a gay man looks like in Boston vs. Los Angeles. They also chat about queer tribes on Grindr and other dating apps. 

 8. Health At Every Size & Diet Culture with Deanna  

Linda meets Deanna Belleny MPH, RDN, a practicing dietitian and co-founder of a non-profit called Diversify Dietetics. Deanna and Linda chat about the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement, and why it is important to challenge what you've been taught about diet culture. They also chat about fad diets and what intuitive eating can look like for different people. 

 9. Plus Size Modeling & Self-Love On The Bad Days with Constance 

Linda meets Constance Smith, a plus size model who travels between Boston and New York for photo shoots and modeling gigs. Constance and Linda chat about the plus size modeling industry, shopping while plus size, and why loving yourself through all of that is so important. Constance is also queer, and she chats about her long term relationship as well.  

 10. Growing Up Fat & Situationships with Courtney  

Linda sits down with long-time friend, Courtney Cooke. Courtney and Linda grew up together, and both had similar experiences of growing up in fat bodies. They chat about weight loss, the social justice aspects of body positivity, and what it's like to date as a bigger woman. They also discuss this refinery29 article written by plus-size influencer & writer, Stephanie Yeboah (@nerdabouttown).  

 11. Friendship Love & Weddings with Kayleigh   

Linda sits down with one of her closest friends, Kayleigh McElroy, to chat about her formative body positive years and the importance of friendship love. Kayleigh recently got married, so they chat about wedding planning through a body positive lens. They also talk about acne, and wearing makeup vs going makeup free. 

 12. Comedy & Trans Dating with Erin 

Linda meets Erin Spencer, a Boston based comic who is also a transgender woman. Erin talks about her experiences as a trans woman in comedy, and how those can relate to self-love. They also chat about encountering fetishization on dating apps, and how that can challenge those body positive (or negative) feelings. Erin is performing at The Comedy Studio in Somerville, MA for the entire month of May. Check out her website here!

 13. Mental Health & Defining the Relationship with Tiffany  

Linda sits down with Tiffany Medeiros to chat about how mental health is an important aspect of self-love. Tiffany also shares her experiences with weight loss, and body positivity as it affects mental health. They talk about what it means to "define the relationship" and the stresses of feeling vulnerable while dating.  

 14. Body Image & Falling For An "Idea" with Zach 

Linda sits down with Zach Tripsas, a Higher Education professional in the Boston Area. They chat about dealing with body image issues while growing up, gaining weight, and healing their relationships with food. Zach also shares his experiences of having a bigger body as a gay man. They also talk about their habits of "investing" too quickly in prospective romantic partners, and trying to stay vulnerable while dating. 

 15. The Body Positivity Movement & Intimacy While Dating with Sara 

Linda chats with Sara Von Remus, founder and program director of the online magazine Popularly Positive. They talk about a piece Sara wrote that discusses the different "isms" that occur within the body positive and fat positive movements. Sara and Linda also talk about their experiences of "gaslighting" and the ups and downs of romantic intimacy. 

 16. The Abortion Episode with Ani  

Linda sits down with Ani F. (of episode 2) and they talk about the laws surrounding abortion and reproductive rights in the U.S. Ani has worked at Planned Parenthood in Vermont as a Medical Assistant, and she is also currently in school to become a nurse practitioner, hoping to provide reproductive health services and Abortion services. 

To donate to people needing abortions in Alabama who are seeking assistance, go to yellowhammerfund.org and to donate to the ACLU so they can continue to fight for abortion rights go to aclu.org.

 17. Modeling, Parenting, and Dating While Loving Yourself with Carine 

Linda meets Carine Calixte, a plus-size model and private chef in Boston. They chat about sizeism within the plus modeling community, and the difficulties of balancing a career and personal life. Carine also shares her experiences of being a single mom, and teaching her sons to love themselves.

 18. Growing up Chicanx & Emotional Abuse with Andrew   

Linda sits down with Andrew Siañez-De La O, Boston based playwright and higher education professional. Andrew shares his experiences of growing up in El Paso, Texas in a Chicanx community. They also chat about issues of toxic masculinity, dating within the queer community, and dealing with emotionally abusive relationships. Check out his website andrewsianezdelao.com

 19. Plus Male Fashion & Fetishization While Dating with Ady Del Valle   

Linda meets Ady Del Valle, plus-size male model and fashion icon. Ady talks about the fashion and modeling industries in terms of representation of plus males, and what it's like to be on the bigger side of plus-size. Ady also shares his experiences of dating as a gay man, and what it's like differentiating between genuine interest, and fetishization. 

 20. My Body Positive Journey & Dating While Fat with Alexa  

In this episode, Linda gets interviewed by her friend, Alexa Piacenza! They chat about their body positive journeys, and Linda shares her first memory of dieting and being aware of her bigger body. Linda also chats about why dating is so rooted in self-love and body positivity for her, and how she manages the fetishizing & hookup culture that often comes with dating while fat.